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72p, ehc, 1, yi2, kzf, 5, n, ea, ojq, w1, 2, 2na, i, 0, e, vb, ax, f, Home - Lakeside Breeze Resort

Come make memories!

Rentals from only $125 / day

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Come visit and experience the beauty of time spent along the shoreline. Find peaceful tanquility and a view that will take your breath away from the rising of the sun to the setting. Our properties are a great place to sit quiet and enjoy the waterfowl, animals, and birds that visit on a regular basis.

For the more active and adventurous visitor, we have kayaks and life jackets available at every property. Take a paddle and do some exploring; every trip is a new experience. When it’s time to relax, soak in the hot tub, or enjoy some time around the outdoor fire pit.

Whatever your style, our resorts are a perfect location for families to stay and play. Book today and get ready to make memories!


Our cottages are in the heart of nature

Our cottages are a perfect location for families to stay, each cottage has two kayaks and an assortment of life jackets available for your use.

Ready to come visit us?