The first village you come to in Door County is Egg Harbor, so named after an egg fight that happened here in 1825! Egg Harbor is one of the most attractive towns in the region.  Egg Harbor is all about its bistros, galleries, antique shops, and seven beautiful parks.  This village’s beauty is best described as quaint and relaxing – not surprising for the small village that it is.  If you’re planning a day trip here you will have much to see and enjoy!

Two Golf Courses

Egg Harbor is the home to two golf courses which tourists love! The golf courses’ beautifully manicured lawns  are a  picture to behold.  If you are a golfer  you’ll enjoy it even more in Egg Harbor.

The Beach

In the entire peninsula, Egg Harbor has one of the greatest beaches.  Located a little south from downtown the beach is 1600 feet of sand and shoreline. The distinctive beauty and charm of this beach sets it apart from any other.

Outdoor Water Activities

The water isn’t only here for enjoying at the beach!  Egg Harbor provides access to various outdoor water activities like boating, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming.

Second Largest Cave in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s second largest cave is located right here in Egg Harbor!  Known as the Horseshoe Bay Cave it is situated near the beach and is open for limited public access.  The rest is a renowned bat sanctuary!

Quaint Shops

You won’t find large typical malls at Egg Harbor but you will find remarkable shopping experiences when you stroll through the town and come across various quaint shops. There are antique, art, pottery, European shops and more.

Free Music

Many towns hold free concerts, however, Egg Harbor holds them a lot more frequently.  You can enjoy some free music as the perfect end to your day trip to Egg Harbor.