Fish Creek is Door County’s quaint little historic town attracting tourists for its amazing scenic views. The town is home to the renowned Peninsula State Park. There are many options for you in Fish Creek.

Beach and Water: Peninsula State Park and Nicolet Beach

First and foremost, you will want to go to the Peninsula State Park! With a beautiful panoramic view of  Green Bay, 10-mile trail, beach and two bays, there’s a lot to see and explore here. The Nicolet Beach is cited to be one of the best in all of Wisconsin. The 10-mile bike trail gives you the privilege to bike along Shore Road but if you don’t have a bike, don’t worry! There are bike rentals available.  Be sure to check out the historic Eagle Bluff Lighthouse.

Art and Culture: Northern Sky Theater and Peninsula Players

The art and culture exploration of Fish Creek is a special attraction for visitors who are not from Wisconsin. The two theaters, Northern Sky Theater and Peninsula Players, host amazing plays and performances that range from comedy to drama.

What to Eat: Famous French toast and Exotic Restaurants

Fish Creek has the” White Gulf Inn” which is renowned for its breakfast. The Inn’s French toast was named “The Best Breakfast in America” in 2010! There are plenty of other restaurants and dining options for you. You can have wood-fire pizza at the “Wild Tomato” if you’re near Peninsula State Park or enjoy a unique meal at the “English Inn” that boasts of an environment full of armored knights and torches.